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PMB Test — Menstrual Blood Test

Available as:
PMB/8 Box of 8 cards & dilution buffer
PMB/30 Box of 30 cards & dilution buffer

The SERATEC® PMB Test combines the detection of human hemoglobin and D-dimer. Thus, the product is suitable for the differentiation between human peripheral blood and human menstrual blood.


  • Easy in use, directly at crime scenes or in the laboratory.
  • Fast and reliable result after only 5 -10 minutes.
  • High sensitivity of human hemoglobin, cut-off at 20 ng/mL.
  • Sensitive detection of D-dimer, cut-off 400 ng/mL is optimized for menstrual blood.
  • The test is specific to human hemoglobin and D-dimer.
  • Sample material remains suitable for DNA extraction and profiling.

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