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Available as:
Cat.No. HBF07/30
Box of 30 cards & and 30 vials with 1.5 mL dilution buffer each

Instructions For Use
last update: June 2019

Product Characteristics
The SERATEC® HemDirect Hemoglobin Test serves the rapid identification of human blood for forensic purposes. The result is interpreted visually by the appearance of a red test line in hemoglobin positive samples. The test can be used in the lab or directly in the field.

  • 30 individually sealed tests, 30 tubes with 1.5 mL extraction buffer
  • Sensitivity: cut-off at 20 ng/mL Hemoglobin
  • no special training necessary
  • compatible with DNA extraction and typing

Amanda Misencik and Dale L. Laux: Validation Study of the Seratec HemDirect Hemoglobin Assay for the Forensic Identification of Human Blood.

Frequently Asked Questions about SERATEC® HemDirect Hemoglobin Test

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